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Pigs grunt “We love it here, please sponsor us!”

At Carolina Waterfowl Rescue we love pigs! Jennifer Gordon, our director, has been instrumental in many cases involving orphaned pigs and finding them good homes. We are also lucky to have two handsome fellas that live at the rescue, Max and Hodor. They come happily grunting out of their shelters when we call their names and bring them meals, along with love, often in the form of belly rubs and ear scratches. Here at the rescue, they are important and well cared for. Please consider being a part of their lives in a special way, by sponsoring their care! You will also receive an “I Sponsored a Rescued Pig” sticker at the $10 per month level, and also a T-shirt at the $25 level.

More about Max and Hodor
Max came to us from a high-kill shelter a few years ago. CWR is committed to the best possible care for all the animals at the rescue. In July 2016, he was neutered and had his tusks trimmed. For a brief time he lived at another rescue where we thought he might be happier, but came back to us to avoid Hurricane Matthew and we think it’s safe to say that Max and CWR missed each other – he’s been with us ever since.
Hodor is about 20 years old, and was surrendered to York Animal Control. When we found out about him, we made him a large enclosure and picked him up to begin the second phase of his life. Hodor was very overweight, so much that his fat covered his eyes completely and he couldn’t see, much less move around much. For several months he was on a strict diet of healthy food and lots of love. Now he can see, run around, and is doing great for a pig his age.

Sometimes his teeth hurt – but he is too old to undergo surgery to have them removed. We watch out for that, feed him soft treats (bananas!), and treat his pain and inflammation when needed.

You can see more pictures here
CWR has a big heart for farm animals in need. Max and Hodor are beloved members of the CWR family. Now we are offering a unique opportunity for individuals to partner together to sponsor their care, which is approximately $150/month for their feed and basic veterinary needs.

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