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Early in 2016, Carolina Waterfowl Rescue rescued Patches, a two month old lamb. A few months later, Mama goat Gracie and her baby, Lil’ Joe joined him at the rescue. It’s been so much fun for everyone to watch Patches and Joey grow up together. The three of them like to follow volunteers around, beg for attention, and figure out ways to get into mischief! We’re so glad we were able to give them a forever-home, where they will always be loved and cared for. Please consider being a part of their lives in a special way, by sponsoring their care! You will also receive an “I Sponsored a Rescued Goat” sticker at the $10 per month level, and also a T-shirt at the $25 level.

More about Patches, Gracie and Lil’ Joe

Once upon a time there was a little lamb named Patches, and he was very, very lonely. He loved to play but had no one his size or age to play with! So Jennifer Gordon, the director of CWR, went on a mission to find him a playmate that also needed rescuing. After putting out calls for help in the rescue community, Triangle Chance for All Farm Animal Sanctuary contacted us. Gracie and her baby Lil’ Joe needed a home because their owners got sick and could no longer care for them. The rest is history. The whole story was featured on the dodo here.

CWR is committed to the best possible care for all of the animals at the rescue. Patches came to us from animal control, and was sick with digestive problems. We took him to the vet, and after a few weeks he was as playful and rambunctious as ever!All three have been spayed or neutered, and Gracie had a procedure for her horns.

Patches, Gracie and Lil’ Joe outgrew their areas a few times over the year, and in February of 2017 they got a large dedicated portion of the property with pasture and wooded areas, next to their donkey and cow friends.

You can see how happy they were about it in this video

You can see more pictures and videos of these three Here and Here.

CWR has a big heart for farm animals in need. We are so glad to play our part by giving homes to Patches, Gracie and Lil’ Joe (and many other farm animals!). They are beloved members of the CWR family. Now we are offering a unique opportunity for individuals to partner together to sponsor their care, which is approximately $225/month for their feed and basic veterinary needs.

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